New Mommy at 40

There are many roads to motherhood. We know this. Yet, there seem to be so many questions around those of us who start our parenting journey later in life.
New Mommy at 40 is a podcast for those 35+ who are beginning their parenting journey or starting all over again. We simply have some additional concerns compared to our younger counterparts: a little fear of lack of time, a bit less energy, raising our young children while caring for aging parents, estate planning, our knees giving out as we get up from the mat while playing with our kid… HA!
I’m your host Victoria -a new mommy in my 40's to a baby girl, doing the best I can and loving the ride. I'm creating a space specifically for us to share our successes, vent without judgment and have a few good laughs while at it. Each week, you can expect to hear from other real moms and dads in their 40’s, sharing their unique journeys with us-the highs and lows included. We’ll hear from experts in the fields of fertility, therapy, dating and more. You'll also have a direct hand in building this community, by contributing your own stories, and if chosen, be featured on the show!
Join us every Monday! If you’d like to submit your story, email Please subscribe and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook -@NewMommyat40 or visit our website